September 2016
D3ASO is pleased to announce the award of Task Order 110 HQ ACC Network and Admin Support

D3ASO assists ACC Communications Support Squadron at two concurrent locations on Langley AFB, one at A6XI and one at ACC CSS/SCOJ. We work as local points of contact engaging the appropriate deliverables covering Commercial Mobile Technology (CMT)/vendor activities that support the Air Force and ACC’s CMT initiatives. As part of this assistance, we support or perform and/or assess the proposed infrastructure, architecture, installation and configuration of CMT/vendor. D3 assists in CMT/vendor project management and administrative tasks. We monitor virtualization and network monitor consoles and respond to error messages. We support ACC and Combat Air Forces (CAF) spectrum management activities. Those activities include obtaining spectrum support for Civil Air Patrol, CAF, Wing and all ACC exercises (I.E. Red Flag), obtaining spectrum support for foreign allied nations, obtaining spectrum supportability for all CAF and ACC radio frequency dependent systems and supporting all ACC installations with spectrum management support.

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