Sep 2017
D3ASO is pleased to announce the award of Task Order S413 Angel Thunder Exercise Support.

D3ASO provides services to Detachment One, 414th Combat Training Squadron in support of ACC exercise ANGEL THUNDER and other Personnel Recovery training events for the five stages of an exercise: design, planning, preparation, execution, and evaluation services. Det 1, 414 CTS is responsible for all five exercise stages to run the Department of Defense’s only Joint National Training Capability (JNTC) accredited and certified exercise focused solely on the PR mission.  D3ASO provides the functional support required to fulfill this task order. The Detachment One contract Professional Control Force (PCF) serve as the Executive Agent for the ANGEL THUNDER Program and is the primary entity to plan and execute the Angel Thunder exercise, as well as all aspects of JNTC Accreditation and Certification and technical compliance of relevant Universal Joint Tasks.

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